2014 Bike Week Barbeque

I hope everyone has had a great New Year so far, and been keeping all those good resolutions :).

My crew is coming down for Bike Week and we will be having a barbecue on March 8th (Saturday) starting at around 4pm.  Everyone is welcome.  I will be supplying the meat.  Bring a favorite dish like veggies, drinks etc.

Chris from my office has listed a help guide for posting on our site.  Please set up an account so that everyone can offer posts.  If you would leave your name, number, address, family names and email address, we can all communicate as needed.

I am sure we will be taking “Paws in the Action” out during the week and weekend.  Anyone interested let me know.

Russ Vitt, 314-568-6887 or 386-256-5118, 2066 South Halifax, Maggie, Forrest, Georgia, Jenny and the new cat Green Bean, russ@modernpiano.com

My Mom (Elizabeth, 84) visited this week from Missouri after her last visit over 40 years ago.  She very much enjoyed herself and commented on the great neighborhood and folks who lived here.

I hope to see everyone the 8th.




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